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WirtschaftsWoche launches "business development programme"

"Business begins in the mind. Because only those who understand economic interrelationships can make better decisions day to day – be it on the campus or later on in their working life. We do our best to promote this understanding with our business knowledge, as a way of investing in the decision-makers of the future”, says Beat Balzli, Editor-in-Chief of WirtschaftsWoche.

Within the context of the initiative, all interested students are given free access to the digital content of WirtschaftsWoche, including the eMagazine of the weekly print edition and access to the entire archive comprising over two million articles, studies, dossiers and graphics. The students also enjoy free admission to various campus talks held on topical issues at different universities in the coming months. These events enable students not only to participate in interesting discussions but also provide them with the opportunity to interact and connect with experts from highly reputed companies.

WirtschaftsWoche already has a strong partner at its side to mark the launch of this exceptional initiative – namely Deutsche Bank – and this additionally underscores the relevance of this programme.

The “business development programme” will be accompanied by a broadly based media campaign, which aims to draw the attention of students in university environments to the programme using out-of-home advertising spaces and a targeted digital campaign. The ad was created by Deutsche Markenarbeit, the German brand organisation, and will be inserted in high-reach titles like Süddeutsche Zeitung, FAZ, Welt and Handelsblatt.