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Our understanding of “We”

“A modern business newspaper doesn‘t just connect words with pictures, it connects people with people.”

By forming the Handelsblatt Business Club, we are giving real meaning to our philosophy that Handelsblatt doesn‘t just exist for the benefit of the wood industry, it is a living community and its purpose is to spread economic wisdom. The focus of a modern business newspaper has to be on people meeting people. It is about information and inspiration, about clever ideas and about a community. 

For the members of this exclusive community, the business club offers direct access to a considerable portfolio of personalities, products and services. But first of all the club gives access to our editorial staff, it enables an exchange of opinions with our correspondents in all the relevant capital cities in the world, and in addition to that, access to some of the wisest people of our times. There are more than 200 events waiting for you. In future, journalism takes three forms – paper, digital and live. 

The Handelsblatt Business Club is the first of its kind in Europe, with a unique programme of benefits, of which the exchange of knowledge, business ideas and perspectives are the most important. 

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