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5 Editors-in-Chief, 1 topic: trust

Whether German Chancellor, CEO or soccer coach: no one makes decisions all on their own. In a constantly changing world, even those who seem to be the loneliest of decision-makers are in search of information that can point them in the right direction – information they can trust before they make their decisions.
They – like all of us – find the help they need to make decisions in a handful of media that provide us with dependable, well-researched and objective information, namely in the leading media of our times.

They form the basis for our compass of moral and cultural values. Because, by virtue of their quality, their reliability and their principles, they have gained the one thing that makes all the difference – namely, our trust.
The five Editor-in-Chiefs of FAZ.NETHandelsblatt OnlineSZ.deWirtschaftsWoche Online and ZEIT ONLINE have issued impressive statements on this topic:


“Politicians or management need to know that the public or their employees want to be taken seriously. In the era of an interconnected world driven by the Internet, the times when they could lead people ‘down the garden path’ are long gone. And this presents a major opportunity for journalists.”

Carsten Knop, Editor-in-Chief, Digital Products, F.A.Z.


“Journalism builds trust on the foundations of tenacious research, clearly defined principles and transparency. Readers have to understand how journalists arrive at their conclusions – and need to know which questions are still unanswered.”

Sebastian Matthes, Head of Digital and Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Handelsblatt


“We don’t present the reader with a predetermined view of the world. We research topics in depth, we analyse, and we separate news from opinion – and trust that people will therefore be able to better understand the world we live in and will be in a position to form their own opinion. This is how to underpin the bond of trust between us and our readers.”

Julia Bönisch, Editor-in-Chief, and member of the Editorial Board of Süddeutsche Zeitung


“People want to be able to rely on us to put world events in their proper context. That only works if they trust us.”

Beat Balzli, Editor-in-Chief, WirtschaftsWoche


“Making ourselves vulnerable – that’s where courage comes into play. It’s no longer enough to proclaim this or that truth. We also always have to explain how we arrived at the conclusion about what the truth is. It’s difficult for many people to trust something completely new, and that’s why our job is so important. And yes, we ultimately really do try to make the world a better place.”

Jochen Wegner, Editor-in-Chief, ZEIT ONLINE

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