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iq media marketing gmbh

iq media sets standards in the marketing and sales of leading quality and opinion forming media in the German market. Our multi channel-portfolio offers editorial environments in particularly well-known quality and decision-maker media for attention-grabbing campaigns and brand messages. That includes daily and weekly newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines as well as outstanding premium editorial websites.

Together with iq digital we develop innovative intermedia and cross media marketing concepts for our clients. We position leading brands and advertising messages perfectly for them to be seen by blue-chip target groups.

Publications marketed by iq media include the print titles Handelsblatt, WirtschaftsWoche, DIE ZEIT, ZEITmagazin, VDI nachrichten, Tagesspiegel, Weltkunst und mare. Their exceptional journalistic quality makes these media your guaranty of success for excellent campaigns.

iq digital media marketing gmbh

iq digital media marketing gmbh is one of the leading sales organisations for quality digital media and media brands. As a joint venture company of the FAZ Verlag, Süddeutsche Zeitung Verlag, ZEIT Verlag and the Handelsblatt Media Group iq digital stands for high penetration of premium and special interest target groups. 

The portfolio includes high-class publisher sites online and mobile in the areas of news, finance, business, politics and IT as well as healthcare: websites like FAZ.NET, Handelsblatt Online,, WirtschaftsWoche Online and ZEIT ONLINE keep decision-makers informed daily, up-to-the-minute about all relevant news. From April 1, 2018 the business cluster will be further enhanced by the digital website of business magazine "brand eins".
The digital portfolio also includes areamobile, Edison digital,, jetzt,, Orange by Handelsblatt,, and as well as the B2B network “fachmedien und mittelstand digital“. We also market the health websites of the Wort & Bild Verlag publisher, namely,, and NetDoktor was added to the healthcare portfolio on January 1, 2018.